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Parish Clerk
The position of Clerk to Westmill Parish Council has been filled. The new clerk is Sarah Kubica, Four Winds, Westmill, SG9 9LE.

Parish Council

Parish Council Meetings

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 20th May 2020 at 7.00pm in the Village hall.

There will be 3 meetings, AGM, APC and WPC meeting.

Minutes of Council Meetings

Minutes are posted but unapproved until signed as correct at the next Parish Council meeting

12 May 2016                    Annual Parish Meeting
12 May 2016                    Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
12 May 2016                    Parish Council Minutes
14 September 2016         Parish Council Minutes
7 December 2016            Parish Council Minutes
22 March 2017                 Parish Council Minutes
17 May 2017                    Annual Parish Meeting (approved)
17 May 2017                    Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (approved)
17 May 2017                    Parish Council Minutes (approved)

13 September 2017         Parish Council Minutes(approved)

6 December 2017          Parish Council Minutes(approved)

21st February 2018       Parish Council Minutes (approved)

9th May 2018                  Parish Council Minutes(approved)

9th May 2018                 Annual Meeting of the Parish Council(unapproved)

9th May 2018                Annual Parish Meeting(unapproved))

28th August 2018          Parish Council Minutes(approved)

5th December               Parish Council Minutes( approved)

20th February 2019      Parish Council Minutes(approved)

15th May 2019             Annual parish meeting( unapproved)

15th May 2019             WPC   AGM minutes (unapproved)

15May 2019                Parish Council Minutes (approved)

28th August 2019        Parish Council minute (approved)

4th December 2019     Parish Council Minutes (approved)

26th February 2020     Parish Council Minutes(unapproved)

Parish Councillors   

Mr Michael McRae (Chairman)

The Berries,                Westmill, SG9 9LL           
01763 272147             mjsmcrae@aol.com

Mrs Diane Bowtell,

Village Hall Cottage,   Westmill, SG9 9LG

01763 273398             diane.bowtell@btconnect.com 

Mr Raymond Partridge

Covey, Cherry Green Lane, Westmill, SG9 9LF
01763 273654              rayperdix@outlook.com

Mr Winston Pickup

Lower Gaylors Barn,    Westmill, SG9 9NJ
01763 273519              winstonpickup@btinternet.com

Mrs. Anne Downes,

Lingmell, Cherry Green Lane, Westmill , SG9 9LF

01763 273361/07557 501841  anne.downes4@btinternet.com



Ms Sarah Kubica
Four Winds, Westmill, Buntingford, SG9 9LE              
01763 272587    clerk@westmillparishcouncil.co.uk


Parish Council Publications

Standing Orders
Code of Conduct
Financial Regulations
Risk Assessment
Complaints Procedure
Freedom of Information

All approved on 15th May 2019

St Mary's Westmill

For full details of St Mary's please visit Friends of Westmill Church


Contact the parish clerk either using the form below or by emailing clerk@westmillparishcouncil.co.uk